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Facebook Promoted Posts vs. Sponsored StoriesIf you are looking to expand your reach and visibility on Facebook, then you might want to look into exploring their advertising options. Facebook has gone beyond the ability to simply creating an ad that appears in the right-hand sidebar of the Facebook interface. In this post, we’ll look at ways you can use advertising to promote your status updates and increase your fan base. Read on for more small business advertising tips on Facebook ads. Here are some simple and inexpensive ways you can promote your brand’s individual status updates (links, photos, offers, etc.) to a broader network of Facebook Users.Promoted PostsIf you have more than 400 likes on your Facebook page and you want to ensure that a particular status update is seen by more people, then Promoted Posts is a good thing to try.When you publish a status update on your Facebook page’s wall, you can get a quick glance beneath each update of the number of people who have seen it. The average update for some pages (depending on the number of fans and engagement the page receives) is seen by less than the number of people who have liked the page.This is where Promoted Posts jumps in. Once you have posted a status update, you will see a Promote link beneath it. When you click on this, you will be given different levels of promotions based on the number of likes your page has. For example, my page has almost 1,000 likes and I have the following pricing options.By selecting one of these options, you can promote your update beyond just your page’s fans so that friends of your fans can see your update as well. Here is what you will see once your promotion is completed.As you can see, a Promoted Post campaign can help you get more than just likes for your status update. In this case, the page itself also received 23 new likes!Sponsored StoriesIf your page doesn’t have 400 likes just yet, or you want an update to go beyond your fans and their friends, you can try Sponsored Stories. To set up a Sponsored Story, you will go to the Facebook advertising page and Create an Ad. Then select your Facebook page. When it asks what you want to promote, click the button for a specific post and select it from the following drop-down.You can then select the option for people to see stories about their friends liking your post  which can appear on the Facebook sidebar or within the Facebook news feed, or you can select for people to see just the story itself in the sidebar along with the number of likes and comments it has acquired.Once you have decided what kind of ad to place, you can then use the targeting options to make sure the right Facebook audience sees your post. This can help you get more likes to your story as well as more engagement on your page as a whole (plus new fans).As far as the cost, you will be charged based on your objective. You have the option of setting your goal as getting clicks to your story (and paying per click) or simply gaining more visibility and likes for your story (and paying per 1,000 impressions). With both options, you will get to set your daily budget of maximum spend – with the pay per click options, you will also set a suggested bid of how much you are willing to pay each time someone clicks on your sponsored story.Promoted Posts vs. Sponsored StoriesSo what are the key differences between Promoted Posts and Sponsored Stories?If you want to increase your brand’s visibility on Facebook through increasing your number of fans, you can use Sponsored Stories to do so. You will navigate to create an ad, just like you did in the previous example. The only difference is instead of promoting a specific post, you will promote your page itself.When promoting your page to increase your fan base, you have the option to create an ad that just shows up in the sidebar with a custom headline and description or the option to create an ad that shows up in the sidebar and news feed. The latter will show people your page along with their friends who have liked the page.The nice part about the sponsored stories that will show in the news feed (for both status updates and pages) is that these are based on a user’s friend activity. Nothing will make a person more likely to engage with your brand than knowing their friends like you too!As an added bonus, sponsored stories in the news feed will also show up on mobile devices as shown above – something you don’t get with ads that only show up in the sidebar. This means that you get the attention of Facebook users everywhere, regardless of whether they are on the go or on their desktop.That’s the basics of using Facebook advertising to promote your status updates and your page to increase your number of likes and fans. You can also use Facebook Advertising to create a sidebar ad for any destination you choose outside of Facebook itself. Cost per click and cost per impression pricing will apply to those kinds of ads.Have you used Facebook advertising? Be sure to share your experience and results in the comments! Photo Credit: Adam FagenKristi HinesKristi is a freelance writer, blogger, and social media enthusiast who shares blog marketing tips at and personal tweets @kristihines. Kristi has blogged for leading social media and SEO industry blogs such as Social Media Examiner, KissMetrics and Crazy Egg.More Posts Enter your email address: Kristi is a freelance writer, blogger, and social media enthusiast who shares blog marketing tips at and personal tweets @kristihines. Kristi has blogged for leading social media and SEO industry blogs such as Social Media Examiner, KissMetrics and Crazy Egg.
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